SSZ-26 and SSZ-33: Two Molecular Sieves with Intersecting 10- and 12-Ring Pores

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Science  03 Dec 1993:
Vol. 262, Issue 5139, pp. 1543-1546
DOI: 10.1126/science.262.5139.1543


The framework structures of two closely related molecular sieves, SSZ-26 and SSZ-33, are described. These materials possess a previously missing but desired structural feature in a group of industrially significant zeolites. They contain a three-dimensional pore system that provides access to the crystal interior through both 10- and 12-rings. This property is a consequence of the organic structure—directing agents used in the synthesis of these materials. These materials are examples of the purposeful design of a micropore architecture. Both SSZ-26 and SSZ-33 contain the 4=4–1 building unit that had been previously found only in natural zeolites.