Gallium Arsenide Transistors: Realization Through a Molecularly Designed Insulator

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Science  25 Mar 1994:
Vol. 263, Issue 5154, pp. 1751-1753
DOI: 10.1126/science.263.5154.1751


A GaAs-based transistor, analogous to commercial silicon devices, has been fabricated with vapor-deposited cubic GaS as the insulator material. The n-channel, depletion mode, GaAs field-effect transistor shows, in addition to classical transistor characteristics, a channel mobility of 4665.6 square centimeters per volt per second, an interfacial trap density of 1011 per electron volt per square centimeter, and a transconductance of 7 millisiemens for a 5-micrometer gate length at a gate voltage of 8 volts. Furthermore, the GaAs transistor shows an on-to-off resistance ratio comparable to that of commercial devices.