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Spatial Organization and Time Dependence of Jupiter's Tropospheric Temperatures, 1980-1993

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Science  29 Jul 1994:
Vol. 265, Issue 5172, pp. 625-631
DOI: 10.1126/science.265.5172.625


The spatial organization and time dependence of Jupiter's temperatures near 250-millibar pressure were measured through a jovian year by imaging thermal emission at 18 micrometers. The temperature field is influenced by seasonal radiative forcing, and its banded organization is closely correlated with the visible cloud field. Evidence was found for a quasi-periodic oscillation of temperatures in the Equatorial Zone, a correlation between tropospheric and stratospheric waves in the North Equatorial Belt, and slowly moving thermal features in the North and South Equatorial Belts. There appears to be no common relation between temporal changes of temperature and changes in the visual albedo of the various axisymmetric bands.