Superconductivity in SrCuO2-BaCuO2 Superlattices: Formation of Artificially Layered Superconducting Materials

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Science  30 Sep 1994:
Vol. 265, Issue 5181, pp. 2074-2077
DOI: 10.1126/science.265.5181.2074


Pulsed-laser deposition was used to synthesize artificially layered high-temperature superconductors. Thin-film compounds were formed when the constraint of epitaxy was used to stabilize SrCuO2-BaCuO2 superlattices in the infinite layer structure. Using this approach, two new structural families, Ba2Srn–1,Cun+1 O2n+2+δ and Ba4Srn–1 Cun+3O2n+6+δ have been synthesized; these families superconduct at temperatures as high as 70 kelvin.