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Networks: Researchers Feel Lure of the I-WAY

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Science  26 Jan 1996:
Vol. 271, Issue 5248, pp. 444-445
DOI: 10.1126/science.271.5248.444


San Diego—A coalition of computer scientists has organized a large-scale demonstration of an alternative to the current Internet, consisting of a new set of protocols for sending data over fiber-optic lines and a physical network of switches to support those protocols. Like the Internet, the so-called I-WAY makes efficient use of the information-carrying capacity of the lines. But it also opens up uninterrupted pipelines for data, allowing voice, video, and data transmissions to take place without the delays due to rerouting and slow-footed switching that can scramble Internet transmissions. Further information on the I-WAY is available at Computers/Math