Endosomal Targeting and the Cytoplasmic Tail of Membrane Immunoglobulin: Retraction

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Science  04 Jul 1997:
Vol. 277, Issue 5322, pp. 17-21
DOI: 10.1126/science.277.5322.17f

In our report (1) “Endosomal targeting by the cytoplasmic tail of membrane immunoglobulin” (18 Apr., p. 407), we measured the production of interleukin-2 (IL-2) with an MTT assay (2). Recently, we repeated our experiments with another assay for measuring the production of IL-2, namely, thymidine incorporation in the cytotoxic T lymphocyte cell line CTLL-2. In this system, differences between results from positive and negative control are severalfold higher than they are with the MTT assay. This reexamination, together with the analysis of additional clones, revealed problems with the sensitivity and calibration of our MTT readout that jeopardize the conclusions of our study (1), because the different transfectants no longer fell into the clear pattern presented in our report. Although the γ2am cytoplasmic tail of membrane-bound immunoglobulin may have a role in antigen presentation, our data do not allow us at this stage to establish this role. We would therefore like to retract our recent report (1).


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