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How Does HIV Overcome the Body's T Cell Bodyguards?

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Science  21 Nov 1997:
Vol. 278, Issue 5342, pp. 1399-1400
DOI: 10.1126/science.278.5342.1399

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MARNES-LA-COQUETTE, FRANCE-- In 1854, Emperor Napoleon III created an elite squadron called the "Cent Gardes" for his own protection. Thirty years later, Louis Pasteur turned one of the squadron's barracks in this small town just outside Paris into laboratories. Pasteur died here in 1895, but his disease-fighting tradition lives on: Today, the Cent Gardes building hosts one of the world's most prestigious AIDS meetings. At this year's gathering, an elite squadron of researchers grappled with still-unsolved questions about how HIV destroys the immune system and how they can fend off its attacks (see Report on p. 1447).