A Rare-Earth Phosphor Containing One-Dimensional Chains Identified Through Combinatorial Methods

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Science  06 Feb 1998:
Vol. 279, Issue 5352, pp. 837-839
DOI: 10.1126/science.279.5352.837

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An unusual luminescent inorganic oxide, Sr2CeO4, was identified by parallel screening techniques from within a combinatorial library of more than 25,000 members prepared by automated thin-film synthesis. A bulk sample of single-phase Sr2CeO4 was prepared, and its structure, determined from powder x-ray diffraction data, reveals one-dimensional chains of edge-sharing CeO6octahedra, with two terminal oxygen atoms per cerium center, that are isolated from one another by Sr2+ cations. The emission maximum at 485 nanometers appears blue-white and has a quantum yield of 0.48 ± 0.02. The excited-state lifetime, electron spin resonance, magnetic susceptibility, and structural data all suggest that luminescence originates from a ligand-to-metal Ce4+ charge transfer.

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