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ART into Science: Regulation of Fertility Techniques

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Science  31 Jul 1998:
Vol. 281, Issue 5377, pp. 651-652
DOI: 10.1126/science.281.5377.651

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Unlike other areas of medical innovation, no comprehensive regulatory framework exists in the United States for alternative reproductive technologies. Because of problems such as experimentation without appropriate review, use of embryos without consent, conflicts regarding control over stored gametes and embryos, and failure to routinely screen donors for disease, this article recommends a federal oversight mechanism to assure that basic human subjects protections be applied in the infertility context.

  • Working Group members: Lori Andrews and Nanette Elster, co-chairs; Robert Gatter, Terri Finesmith Horwich, Ami Jaeger, Susan Klock, Eugene Pergament, Francis Pizzulli, Robyn Shapiro, Mark Siegler, Peggie Smith, and Shirley Zager. The Group is located at The Institute for Science, Law, and Technology (ISLAT), Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60661-3691, USA. E-mail: landrews{at}kentlaw.edu