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Science  14 Aug 1998:
Vol. 281, Issue 5379, pp. 879
DOI: 10.1126/science.281.5379.879b

Burning questions. Do fish sleep? Do they close their eyes? Find out by consulting the archive at The Mad Scientist Network, run by grad students at Washington University in St. Louis who funnel questions to appropriate scientists. Queried not just by kids but the odd postdoc too, the site also offers a tour of the Visible Human and describes edible (and nonedible) experiments you can try at home.

Afrocentric. Browse the tables of contents for seven-and-counting African journals in crop science, chemistry, and other fields at this site, part of a United Nations-supported pilot project to promote African science.

Remains of the day. Followers of the clash over Kennewick Man, a set of 9300-year-old Caucasian-looking bones claimed by an American Indian tribe, may dig this National Park Service database of 250 documents relating to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. The site includes the act itself and related notices as well as a huge database of “gray literature” on U.S. archaeological sites.

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