Dimensionality-Driven Insulator-to-Metal Transition in the Bechgaard Salts

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Science  21 Aug 1998:
Vol. 281, Issue 5380, pp. 1181-1184
DOI: 10.1126/science.281.5380.1181

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Optical experiments were conducted on a series of organic linear chain conductors with different values of the interchain single-electron transfer integral tb , which quantifies the degree of anisotropy. Electron-electron interactions together with Umklapp scattering resulted in a correlation gap and an insulating state for small tb . An insulator-to-metal transition was observed whentb exceeded a critical value, on the order of the correlation gap E gap. The absence of a plasma edge on the insulator side of the transition for polarization perpendicular to the chains suggests that the electrons are confined to the chains. The optical features of the metallic state, when contrasted with the magnetic properties, are suggestive of spin-charge separation.

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