SITE REVIEW: Gene Hunters Central

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Science  28 Aug 1998:
Vol. 281, Issue 5381, pp. 1247
DOI: 10.1126/science.281.5381.1247d

Eight years old and going strong, the effort to map the human genome is one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken. Those itching to learn more about it will find a deluge of information at the Department of Energy's project site (, designed to attract everyone from seasoned researchers to high school students. One big draw for scientists is a technical section with abstracts on gene sequencing and mapping, not to mention new pages—discussing the impact of genetics on medical therapies—that are slated to come online in October.

But the site's first priority is “making human genome science accessible” to the general public, says Betty Mansfield, editor of Human Genome News, which is posted on the site. With that goal in mind, the site has expanded to include a student primer on molecular genetics and a library of articles covering ethical, legal, and social issues. And those who leave with their heads spinning can rest assured: Mansfield's team of scientists answers every question from site visitors.

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