SITE VISIT: Dinomania

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Science  13 Nov 1998:
Vol. 282, Issue 5392, pp. 1223
DOI: 10.1126/science.282.5392.1223a

There seems to be no end to the surprises emerging from the boom in dinosaur studies (see p. 1246), like the Report in this issue of a new spinosaur resembling a modern-day crocodile (see pp. 1276 and 1298). Dino knowledge old and new can be found on the Web on scores of sites.

A good starting point is Dino Russ's Lair,* run by Russ Jacobson of the Illinois State Geological Survey. The site is an up-to-date directory that describes scads of links, whether you want to keep up on the latest museum exhibits, take a virtual tour of a dig, or learn how dinosaur eggs are analyzed. Standing out among sites offering original content is Dinosauria On-Line. Partly a store that sells fossil replicas, it also holds two handy resources: a long list of popular and scholarly articles, and a dinosaur “omnipedia” that includes a dictionary, anatomy info, maps, and charts of geological time periods. Another premier site is the Dinosaur Pages, which briefly describes all dinosaur genera and close relatives, from the early bird Archaeopteryx to the 23-meter-long Apatosaurus, and their cladograms, or hypothetical family trees. The Net is also the place to follow raging debates among the experts: Just head to the DINOSAUR mailing list.§

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