Coherent Optical Control of the Quantum State of a Single Quantum Dot

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Science  20 Nov 1998:
Vol. 282, Issue 5393, pp. 1473-1476
DOI: 10.1126/science.282.5393.1473

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Picosecond optical excitation was used to coherently control the excitation in a single quantum dot on a time scale that is short compared with the time scale for loss of quantum coherence. The excitonic wave function was manipulated by controlling the optical phase of the two-pulse sequence through timing and polarization. Wave function engineering techniques, developed in atomic and molecular systems, were used to monitor and control a nonstationary quantum mechanical state composed of a superposition of eigenstates. The results extend the concept of coherent control in semiconductors to the limit of a single quantum system in a zero-dimensional quantum dot.

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