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Science  27 Nov 1998:
Vol. 282, Issue 5394, pp. 1643
DOI: 10.1126/science.282.5394.1643a

The managing director of Elsevier Scientific, S.A., defends the subscription prices of his company's journals. A spokesman for the American Chemical Society explains the ACS's embargo policy. A pharmacologist maintains that “a freshly minted Ph.D. from any field….is a citizen with a matured sense of intelligence, who possesses heightened analytical skills … has mastered challenges through creativity and innovation, and who perhaps even holds a spark of competitive zeal, “qualities that prepare one for “any conceivable career choice.” And whether Earth was once a “snowball” is debated.

Letters in This Issue

Journal Publishing

Peter T. Sheperd; H. K. Lee

ACS Embargo Policy

Denise Graveline

Valuable Skills

T. J.Murphy

Environmental Health: Nickel-and-Diming It

Bernard Weiss

An Early Snowball Earth?

Gregory S. Jenkins, Christopher R. Scotese; Paul F. Hoffman, Daniel P. Schrag, Galen P. Halverson, J. Alan Kaufman

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