Bid for Better Beef Gives Japan a Leg Up on Cattle

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Science  11 Dec 1998:
Vol. 282, Issue 5396, pp. 1975-1976
DOI: 10.1126/science.282.5396.1975

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NARA, JAPAN-- Since the arrival of Dolly, the first mammal to be successfully cloned from an adult, five Japanese groups have reported the births of 19 calves cloned from adult cows. The first scientific paper resulting from these efforts appears on page 2095. In it a team reports cloning eight calves from cells taken from the tissue that surrounds the egg cells of a single adult cow by closely following the nuclear transfer technique used to produce Dolly. Particularly significant is the group's success rate: Of 10 implanted embryos, eight were carried to term, although four died soon after birth. That rate is far higher than for any other group attempting to clone large mammals.