Abrupt Climate Oscillations During the Last Deglaciation in Central North America

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Science  18 Dec 1998:
Vol. 282, Issue 5397, pp. 2235-2238
DOI: 10.1126/science.282.5397.2235

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Evidence from stable isotopes and a variety of proxies from two Ontario lakes demonstrate that many of the late glacial–to–early Holocene events that are well known from the North Atlantic seaboard, such as the Gerzensee-Killarney Oscillation (also known as the Intra-Allerød Cold Period), Younger Dryas, and Preboreal Oscillation, also occurred in central North America. These results thus imply that climatic forcing acted in the same manner in both regions and that atmospheric circulation played an important role in the propagation of these events.

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