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Science  12 Feb 1999:
Vol. 283, Issue 5404, pp. 937g
DOI: 10.1126/science.283.5404.937g

In the Table of Contents of the issue of 29 January (p. 596), the author of the Editorial (Science's Compass, p. 637) should have been given as “L. Zhu.”

In the News Focus article “The mystery of the migrating galaxy clusters” by Alexander Hellemans (29 Jan. p. 625), the list of members of the Streaming Motions of Abell Clusters (SMAC) Collaboration should also have included the following researchers: Russell Smith, John Lucey, David Schlegel, and Roger Davies, all at the University of Durham, United Kingdom.

In L. Gabriel Navar's letter of 29 January (Science's Compass, p. 639), the Web address given for the animal rights brochure was incorrect. It should have read, “www.faseb.org/aps/pubaff/animals/index.html.”

Reference 1 of the letter “Georgetown faculty grievance” by Robert I. Glazer and Donald Massaro (Science's Compass, 22 Jan. p. 487) contained an error. The Web address of the first item should have read, “C. Risen, The Hoya, 6 November 1998 (www.thehoya.com/news/110698/news4/htm).”

In the Perspective “Warm, warm on the range” by Jerry M. Melillo (Science's Compass, 8 Jan. p. 183), in the first paragraph of column 3, the common name of Boutelous gracilis should have been given as “blue grama,” not “buffalo grass.”

In table 1 (p. 88) in the report “Measuring the spin polarization of a metal with a superconducting point contact” by R. J. Soulin Jr. et al. (2 Oct. p. 85), the percentage of Pc for NiFe should have been given as “46 ± 2.” In the same report, in note 20, G. Deutscher should also have been thanked for the seminal role he played in initiating the Andreev Reflection program at the Naval Research Laboratory.

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