A Kuroko-Type Polymetallic Sulfide Deposit in a Submarine Silicic Caldera

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Science  12 Feb 1999:
Vol. 283, Issue 5404, pp. 975-977
DOI: 10.1126/science.283.5404.975

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Manned submersible studies have delineated a large and actively growing Kuroko-type volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit 400 kilometers south of Tokyo in Myojin Knoll submarine caldera. The sulfide body is located on the caldera floor at a depth of 1210 to 1360 meters, has an area of 400 by 400 by 30 meters, and is notably rich in gold and silver. The discovery of a large Kuroko-type polymetallic sulfide deposit in this arc-front caldera raises the possibility that the numerous unexplored submarine silicic calderas elsewhere might have similar deposits.

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