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Science  26 Mar 1999:
Vol. 283, Issue 5410, pp. 1975
DOI: 10.1126/science.283.5410.1975c

On ice. Look up the first scribblings about the Southern Ocean by explorers in the 1600s, or peruse a flood of recent books and reports (until 1996) on Antarctica at this new online bibliography of 33,000 records.

The bigger picture. The Web is loaded with banks of protein structures, but not images further up the size scale, like macromolecules and cells. To fill the gap, the European Union is developing a database of “multidimensional” biological images. Sign up for a guest pass to check out the project, which so far includes actin, protein crystals, and fluorescent protein expression images made with various microscopy techniques. The images come with data sets, references, and experimental details.

Virtual 101. Biology teachers and students will find a wealth of online tutorials and problem sets at this site covering everything from biochemistry to the cell cycle, Mendelian genetics, toxicology, and recombinant DNA. Aimed at college and high school students, the site includes virtual experiments on karyotyping and the effects of secondhand smoke on the lungs of mice. Portions are available in Spanish.

No ordinary orrery. Hopscotch from planet to planet as other celestial bodies spin dizzyingly around you in this snazzy new 3D virtual solar system. Requires a fast PC and a plug-in.

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