COOL IMAGES: Live Footage

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Science  02 Jul 1999:
Vol. 285, Issue 5424, pp. 7
DOI: 10.1126/science.285.5424.7a

This gauzy view of blue-stained nuclei and microtubules (in Chinese hamster ovary cells), taken by undergraduates in a fluorescence microscopy lab at Kent State University in Ohio, is a star attraction in one of the biggest collections of biology images on the Web. Posted by government labs, companies, and universities, the 500-plus pictures and movies run the gamut from molecules to viruses to the Visible Human (data from two sliced-up cadavers). Many would be useful for teaching, while others showcase the latest visualization research. A few examples: ball-and-stick models of nucleic acids, an animated trip across a lipid bilayer, a mitosis movie, micrographs of parasites, a computer model of a cowpea mosaic virus, and a simulation of flying through a human lung.

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