COOL IMAGES: Warming Trend

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Science  09 Jul 1999:
Vol. 285, Issue 5425, pp. 163
DOI: 10.1126/science.285.5425.163a

Looking a bit like an abstract painting is this image of the northern Gulf Stream (the deep orange ribbon) in June 1997. The two circles of pinched-off water to the north, called “warm core rings,” support different species than the surrounding water does. You can learn more at the Web site of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Ocean Remote Sensing Group. Each day, the group collects high-resolution visible and infrared radiance data from three satellites crossing the United States and pulls out snapshots (or converts the data to temperatures), producing images used by everyone from researchers to hurricane forecasters. In the group's image gallery, kept by Ray Sterner, views range from the folds of mountain ranges to forest fires and snowstorms. Also check out the link to Sterner's popular landform atlas of the United States.

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