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Science  03 Sep 1999:
Vol. 285, Issue 5433, pp. 1455
DOI: 10.1126/science.285.5433.1455b

Statistically significant. Looking for software to do Baysian calculations, or simply want to fit data to a curve? This site has over 300 links to free Web programs and calculators that can generate random numbers, do Chi-square analysis, or even plot three-dimensional data in virtual reality.

Sunset strip. If you're lucky, you might have glimpsed an eerie burst of green light as the setting sun dips out of view. An astronomer created this site of photos, movies, and links exploring the so-called “green flash,” which happens before sunrise and after sunset when light is separated into colors by the thickness of the atmosphere at a distant horizon.

Egyptian skylights? In the early 1990s, a German engineer sent two robots into the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt to explore its airshafts, built perhaps to release the souls of the pharaohs. This site (sponsored by a perfume company) documents the intriguing expedition—it even found a mysterious, still-unopened door—with great graphics, including computer aided design (CAD) drawings of the pyramids.

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