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Science  24 Sep 1999:
Vol. 285, Issue 5436, pp. 2027
DOI: 10.1126/science.285.5436.2027b

Bad tidings. Floyd may have done its worst, but hurricane season is far from over. When a storm approaches, NOAA's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services puts its water monitoring stations on full throttle, updating reports every 18 minutes. Track water levels at 135 coastal, river, and Great Lakes stations across the nation at Tides Online.

Not dumbed down. Got a question about science? Ask Dr. Universe. The good doctor, with the help of writers and scientists at Washington State University, provides surprisingly sophisticated answers to questions ranging from “How do you measure the distance to a star?” to “When I'm tired, where exactly am I tired?” and “Who invented language?”

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