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Science  14 Jan 2000:
Vol. 287, Issue 5451, pp. 187
DOI: 10.1126/science.287.5451.187c

Lit hopping. It may sound like a virtual drinking game, but PubCrawler is actually a free alert service that keeps users abreast of new entries in PubMed and GenBank. You can even ask it to track papers from rival labs.

Heavy breathing. When U.S. officials 3 years ago announced a clampdown on fine soot particles released into the air, Congress cried foul, arguing that too little was known about how the globs of metals, acids, and petrochemicals harm human health. This new database tracks research on particulate matter, probing everything from exposures to possible mechanisms for how the tiny particles may cause heart attacks.

Life in the extreme. Check out tubeworms, giant clams, and other weird creatures dwelling near boiling hot deep-sea vents at this site, which follows an expedition off the west coast of Mexico from 13-20 January. Besides video sent across the Internet from the submersible Alvin, the site promises daily scientists' logs and background about the vents' intriguing chemistry and biology.

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