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Science  11 Feb 2000:
Vol. 287, Issue 5455, pp. 927
DOI: 10.1126/science.287.5455.927c

Selfish gene shrine. A fan of Richard Dawkins runs this “unofficial” site devoted to the Oxford zoologist known for his theory that evolution is driven by genes duking it out for survival. Besides loads of articles by and about Dawkins and other evolutionary biologists, you'll find links on related topics such as artificial life and the creationism debate in Kansas.

Sharing shakes. Just felt the earth move? Did doors sway, walls crack, or Grandma's china fall off the shelf? Send your notes to this site that posts constantly updated maps of earthquake intensity made from observations sent in by Netizens. More than 25,000 helped map the Hector Mine earthquake in Southern California last October.

Cleanup nightmare. The U.S. Department of Energy spends $6 billion a year on cleaning up the nuclear weapons complex, plagued with everything from hectares of radionuclide- contaminated soil to tons of excess uranium. A new page of resources on our radioactive Augean stables links to reports, legislation, environmental groups, agencies, and more.

GABAing. Neuroscientists studying GABA receptors, a class of cell surface molecules that bind to sedating drugs such as Valium, can zoom in on the latest research at this gateway to GABA-related protein and DNA sequences, PubMed papers, lab Web sites, and more. There's also a database of 3D structures of GABAdrugs.

Herb garden. Need to find out who studies orchids in Brazil, or track down a botany colleague in Europe? This online version of the Index Herbariorum, a directory of reference collections of dried plants, holds contact info and details on staff research specialties for 2010 herbaria in 134 countries.

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