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Science  31 Mar 2000:
Vol. 287, Issue 5462, pp. 2371
DOI: 10.1126/science.287.5462.2371c

Re: Fwd: DO NOT DELETE!!! For the last time, Disney World is not giving away cash or prizes to people who forward an e-mail message, a Budweiser frogs screen saver will not devour files on your hard drive, and Blue Mountain electronic greeting cards do not crash your system. Instead of forwarding virus warnings or chain letters, consult an Internet hoax site for the real skinny on these endlessly circulating myths.


Take it from the experts. Toss those faded textbook tables—all the chemistry info you need, updated and easily searchable, is on the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Chemistry Web Book. Search for chemical species by about 20 different properties and find everything from enthalpies of reaction to UV spectra.

Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Play a game of 20 questions with a neural net that has been learning about the world from its human playmates for more than a decade. You can watch the net think as it assigns probabilities to possible solutions; afterward, it tells you whether your conventional wisdom differs from that of others who have played.

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