TAF-Containing and TAF-Independent Forms of Transcriptionally Active TBP in Vivo

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Science  19 May 2000:
Vol. 288, Issue 5469, pp. 1244-1248
DOI: 10.1126/science.288.5469.1244

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Transcriptional activity in yeast strongly correlates with promoter occupancy by general factors such as TATA binding protein (TBP), TFIIA, and TFIIB, but not with occupancy by TBP-associated factors (TAFs). Thus, TBP exists in at least two transcriptionally active forms in vivo. The TAF-containing form corresponds to the TFIID complex, whereas the form lacking TAFs corresponds to TBP itself or to some other TBP complex. Heat shock treatment altered the relative utilization of these TBP forms, with TFIID being favored. Promoter-specific variations in the association of these distinct forms of TBP may explain why only some yeast genes require TFIID for transcriptional activity in vivo.

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