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Gene Targeting by Homologous Recombination in Drosophila

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Science  16 Jun 2000:
Vol. 288, Issue 5473, pp. 2013-2018
DOI: 10.1126/science.288.5473.2013

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Drosophila offers many advantages as an experimental organism. However, in comparison with yeast and mouse, two other widely used eukaryotic model systems, Drosophila suffers from an inability to perform homologous recombination between introduced DNA and the corresponding chromosomal loci. The ability to specifically modify the genomes of yeast and mouse provides a quick and easy way to generate or rescue mutations in genes for which a DNA clone or sequence is available. A method is described that enables analogous manipulations of the Drosophila genome. This technique may also be applicable to other organisms for which gene-targeting procedures do not yet exist.

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