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Science  04 Aug 2000:
Vol. 289, Issue 5480, pp. 691
DOI: 10.1126/science.289.5480.691b

Transport hub. This site from a lab studying the proteins that shuttle molecules and ions across the cell membrane offers two useful references. The Transport Classification Page describes over 200 families of membrane transport systems sorted by a new classification scheme. And at the Genomic Transport Analysis Page, you can pull up lists of membrane transporters for each of 18 sequenced genomes.∼msaier/transport/titlepage.html

Hot rock risks. Ionizing radiation comes from many natural sources such as cosmic rays and rocks, so how harmful are tiny amounts of radiation from humanmade sources such as nuclear waste dumps? A funding program on the much-debated topic of low-dose radiation risks includes on its Web site many handy features: a bibliography, meetings calendar, news articles, a timeline of radiation, and a glossary.

Tried and true. A K-12 education Web directory from AAAS (Science's publisher) lists scores of great science and math links, from astronomy to aquariums, all screened for quality by an expert review board.

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