Formation, Stability, and Breakup of Nanojets

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Science  18 Aug 2000:
Vol. 289, Issue 5482, pp. 1165-1169
DOI: 10.1126/science.289.5482.1165

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Atomistic molecular dynamics simulations reveal the formation of nanojets with velocities up to 400 meters per second, created by pressurized injection of fluid propane through nanoscale convergent gold nozzles with heating or coating of the nozzle exterior surface to prevent formation of thick blocking films. The atomistic description is related to continuum hydrodynamic modeling through the derivation of a stochastic lubrication equation that includes thermally triggered fluctuations whose influence on the dynamical evolution increases as the jet dimensions become smaller. Emergence of double-cone neck shapes is predicted when the jet approaches nanoscale molecular dimensions, deviating from the long-thread universal similarity solution obtained in the absence of such fluctuations.

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