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Science  17 Nov 2000:
Vol. 290, Issue 5495, pp. 1255
DOI: 10.1126/science.290.5495.1255a

With those dreaded holiday family reunions around the corner, maybe it's time to get to know some of your more distant cousins at the Primate Information Network. Aimed at both specialists and the general public, this clearinghouse at the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center in Madison logs 450,000 hits a month from visitors eager to learn about chimps, gorillas, monkeys, gibbons, lemurs, and their kin.

For a quick overview, flip through the fact sheets that cover most of the world's 235 species of primates. A barrelful of links delve more deeply into the biology, taxonomy, and conservation of primate species, many of which are reeling from habitat destruction and wanton hunting. In the site's audiovisual collection, you can listen to the squeaking of hungry pygmy chimps or download charming illustrations from an 1833 natural history book.

Other offerings include a bibliography, a discussion forum, searchable indices of researchers and organizations worldwide, and a jobs list. Aspiring primatologists will find frank advice from people in the field. Or you can submit a question to the Ask Primate feature. A primate will answer it, usually within 24 hours.

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