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Magnetic Field-Tuned Quantum Criticality in the Metallic Ruthenate Sr3Ru2O7

Science  12 Oct 2001:
Vol. 294, Issue 5541, pp. 329-332
DOI: 10.1126/science.1063539

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The concept of quantum criticality is proving to be central to attempts to understand the physics of strongly correlated electrons. Here, we argue that observations on the itinerant metamagnet Sr3Ru2O7 represent good evidence for a new class of quantum critical point, arising when the critical end point terminating a line of first-order transitions is depressed toward zero temperature. This is of interest both in its own right and because of the convenience of having a quantum critical point for which the tuning parameter is the magnetic field. The relationship between the resultant critical fluctuations and novel behavior very near the critical field is discussed.

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