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Science  01 Nov 2002:
Vol. 298, Issue 5595, pp. 961b
DOI: 10.1126/science.298.5595.961b

We are writing as coauthors on the following manuscripts published in Science, which were, in part, the subject of an independent investigation conducted at the behest of Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies. The independent committee reviewed concerns related to the validity of data associated with the device measurements described in the papers.

  1. J. H. Schön, S. Berg, Ch. Kloc, B. Batlogg, Ambipolar pentacene field-effect transistors and inverters, Science 287, 1022 (2000).

  2. J. H. Schön, Ch. Kloc, R. C. Haddon, B. Batlogg, A superconducting field-effect switch, Science 288, 656 (2000).

  3. J. H. Schön, Ch. Kloc, B. Batlogg, Fractional quantum Hall effect in organic molecular semiconductors, Science 288, 2338 (2000).

  4. J. H. Schön, Ch. Kloc, A. Dodabalapur, B. Batlogg, An organic solid state injection laser, Science 289, 599 (2000).

  5. J. H. Schön, A. Dodabalapur, Ch. Kloc, B. Batlogg, A light-emitting field-effect transistor, Science 290, 963 (2000).

  6. J. H. Schön, Ch. Kloc, H. Y. Hwang, B. Batlogg, Josephson junctions with tunable weak links, Science 292, 252 (2001).

  7. J. H. Schön, Ch. Kloc, B. Batlogg, High-temperature superconductivity in lattice-expanded C60, Science 293, 2432 (2001).

  8. J. H. Schön, H. Meng, Z. Bao, Field-effect modulation of the conductance of single molecules, Science 294, 2138 (2001).

As a result of the committee's findings, we feel obligated to the scientific community to issue a retraction of the above articles. We note that although these papers may contain some legitimate ideas and contributions, we think it best to make a complete retraction.

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