Real-Time Monitoring of Growing Nanoparticles

Science  30 May 2003:
Vol. 300, Issue 5624, pp. 1416-1419
DOI: 10.1126/science.1082146

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One challenge in the production of nanometer-sized objects with given properties is to control their growth at a macroscopic scale in situ and in real time. A dedicated ultrahigh-vacuum grazing-incidence small-angle x-ray scattering setup has been developed, yielding high sensitivity and dynamics. Its capabilities to derive the average particle shape and size and the film growth mode and ordering and to probe both surfaces and buried interfaces are illustrated for two prototypical cases: the model catalyst Pd/MgO(100) and the self-organized Co/Au(111) system. A wide range of technologically important systems can potentially be investigated in various gaseous environments.

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