Melt Inclusions in Veins: Linking Magmas and Porphyry Cu Deposits

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Science  19 Dec 2003:
Vol. 302, Issue 5653, pp. 2109-2111
DOI: 10.1126/science.1089927

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At a porphyry copper-gold deposit in Bajo de la Alumbrera, Argentina, silicate-melt inclusions coexist with hypersaline liquid- and vapor-rich inclusions in the earliest magmatic-hydrothermal quartz veins. Copper concentrations of the hypersaline liquid and vapor inclusions reached maxima of 10.0 weight % (wt %) and 4.5 wt %, respectively. These unusually copper-rich inclusions are considered to be the most primitive ore fluid found thus far. Their preservation with coexisting melt allows for the direct quantification of important ore-forming processes, including determination of bulk partition coefficients of metals from magma into ore-forming magmatic volatile phases.

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