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Science  29 Oct 2004:
Vol. 306, Issue 5697, pp. 787
DOI: 10.1126/science.306.5697.787d

The first worldwide survey of amphibian populations delivered grim news: About one-third of known species are threatened or have gone extinct (Science, 15 October, p. 391). The Global Amphibian Assessment, sponsored by IUCN-The World Conservation Union, NatureServe, and Conservation International, also spawned a comprehensive database on these creatures. The site hops with information on all of the world's 5743 kinds of frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians. Each species' entry describes its habitat and ecology, enumerates current and potential threats, and lists conservation measures. A highlight is the range maps for every species. Shown above is the marbled salamander (Ambystoma opacum) from the southeastern United States, whose populations are healthy.

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