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Science  08 Apr 2005:
Vol. 308, Issue 5719, pp. 173e
DOI: 10.1126/science.308.5719.173e

Looking for a clearer description of the structure of the cell skeleton? Need a simple procedure students can use to isolate Streptococcus bacteria? Click over to the Grapes of Staph, a combination Web text and lab manual from microbiologist Gary Kaiser of the Community College of Baltimore County in Maryland. Although tailored for Kaiser's classes, the site offers plenty of material that other teachers can adopt. The tutorial includes more than 50 sections on basic microbiology, covering everything from bacterial anatomy to viral life cycles to the human body's defenses against invading microbes. Readers will also find illustrations and animations, a glossary, and self-quizzes. The 22 lab exercises teach students techniques for culturing and isolating bacteria, testing for pathogens, and more.∼gkaiser/goshp.html

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