IMAGES: Life's Family Album

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Science  17 Jun 2005:
Vol. 308, Issue 5729, pp. 1721
DOI: 10.1126/science.308.5729.1721a

Step into The Virtual Fossil Museum for a peek into life's past. The growing site, created by physicist-turned-bio-informaticist Roger Perkins of Jefferson, Arkansas, offers a gallery of eye-catching fossil photos—from a cave bear's toothy skull to a more than 440-million-year-old impression of the trilobite Nankinolithis extricated from Moroccan rock. Users can browse the images by taxonomic group and by fossil location. Another section profiles famous sites such as the Chengjiang formation in China, which teems with remains of some of the earliest known animals, and the fossil-rich slate of Bundenbach in Germany. Visitors can use the museum's images, which come from fossil collectors, researchers, and other contributors, for research and education purposes.

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