EDUCATION: Sharing the Spectrum

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Science  24 Jun 2005:
Vol. 308, Issue 5730, pp. 1847
DOI: 10.1126/science.308.5730.1847a

Instructors who've devised a new x-ray spectro-scopy lab or have some good pointers for teaching laser theory can pass on that know-how to their peers through this new Web site. OpenSpectrum lets college teachers take part, Wikipedia-style, in revamping an existing tutorial, Science of Spectroscopy (NetWatch, 13 September 2002, p. 1775). Created by Stewart Mader of Emerson College in Boston and Michael Rooke of Long Island University in New York, OpenSpectrum encourages teachers to collaborate and share specialized knowledge as they tailor the content for their classes, says Mader. In addition, Mader has teamed with NASA to include space and satellite images that illustrate uses of spectroscopy.

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