EXHIBITS: Fun With Genetics

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Science  12 Aug 2005:
Vol. 309, Issue 5737, pp. 995
DOI: 10.1126/science.309.5737.995a

Dive into a human skin cell and zoom in on a loop of DNA. Quiz an expert about the genetics of diseases such as lupus. Those are two of the activities you can try at Understanding Genetics from the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California. Interactive exhibits let you explore topics such as eye color inheritance and whether the produce in your refrigerator could be genetically modified. The museum's on-call geneticist discusses issues in the news and answers questions from readers, such as whether a vegan diet reduces your tolerance for milk. Probably not, because the gene for lactase, the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar, naturally shuts off as most people age, regardless of diet. But not drinking milk for a while might eliminate bacteria that help digest it.


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