A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?

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Science  28 Oct 2005:
Vol. 310, Issue 5748, pp. 606-607
DOI: 10.1126/science.310.5748.606

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  • Re: Asian Scientists and Leadership

    As an Asian American of Indian descent at the National Cancer Institute, I applaud the excellent article entitled “A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?”. I was surprised at how few Asians hold leadership positions at the NIH. It is important for younger Asian scientists at the NIH and other academic institutions to play on a level field and have the same career opportunities as everyone else. I am troubled by the imp...

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  • Eliminate glass ceiling for everyone, including Asian scientists

    From the data presented in the Science article, it is clear there are far fewer Asian American Scientists in leadership positions than their Caucasian colleagues. I am a Chinese American Scientist working at the National Cancer Institute and I applaud the article for bringing attention to this matter. I think it is important that we take a positive attitude to this issue and not be bitter or defensive. I am encouraged b...

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  • Re: A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists

    I read with great interest the article “A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?” (28 October, p. 606). Scientists of Asian origin have a large presence in biomedical research fields and have made many very important contributions. However, very few of them are in leadership positions. I understand that there are many factors contributing to the disparity, based on different opinions presented in the article. I certain...

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  • Re: Asian Scientists and leadership

    A News Focus article by Jeff Mervis in the Oct 28 issue addresses an important issue raised by Jeang and colleagues on the fact that there may be a glass ceiling for most foreign born nationals at NIH, ASBMB, NSF, and other reputable research related organizations in the United States. I completely agree with these views and fully understand the scope and ramification of such glass ceilings in the medical/health/research...

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  • Limits for brain (drain) ?

    The article "A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?" poses a serious question. It would be worthwhile to study the percentage of the Asian scientists who have received basic academic and research training in Asian countries through goverment-subsidized or -supported institutions. It may give an insight into economical aspects of the much-debated brain drain problem and also, what caused them to move to United States.

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  • Lacking major factor

    In the article "A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?" (Science 2005; 310: 606-607), there was an omission in terms of important factors. Many of the positions cited as "seriously deficient" in terms of Asian scientist representation are self-selecting. Although I do not know details of all examples, the list included purely voluntary committees and those for which one may be nominated (most often done with the consent of...

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  • Under-representation of Asian-Americans in scientific leadership

    I would like to commend the editors of Science on the recent News Focus article (Oct. 28, 2005) entitled “A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?” Given the extensive readership of Science, as well as its well-recognized role as one of the national leaders in discussing matters of science policy, it was very encouraging to see this matter brought to the forefront in an insightful and balanced fashion.

    The obje...

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  • Asian Scientists and Leadership

    Jeffrey Mervis' excellent article "A Glass Ceiling for Asian Scientists?" touched on an issue in the minds of many Asian scientists. Although I personally have not experienced any discrimination in my close to 30 years of academic life, I did sense occasional "stereotyping" of Asian scientists. Twelve years have passed since Science devoted an issue focusing on minorities in science (12 Nov. 1993). Whether one agrees tha...

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