EDUCATION: Sick at Heart

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Science  11 Nov 2005:
Vol. 310, Issue 5750, pp. 949
DOI: 10.1126/science.310.5750.949e

Looking for a tutorial on the role of fat-ferrying molecules such as high-density lipoprotein in inflammation? Curious about how hypertension fosters kidney disease? These sites from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, offer a wealth of information about high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Although aimed at doctors, both can help researchers and students bolster their knowledge of these heartbreakers. For example, Lipids Online* features more than 30 slide shows on topics such as metabolic syndrome, a collection of symptoms including out-of-whack lipid levels and excess abdominal fat that promotes heart attacks and strokes. Visitors can also watch videos of lectures by experts in the field or read commentaries on new findings. At Hypertension Online, you can peruse updates on the latest drug trials and screen an animation that illustrates how high blood pressure injures the heart.

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