Real-Time Observation of Molecular Motion on a Surface

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Science  16 Dec 2005:
Vol. 310, Issue 5755, pp. 1790-1793
DOI: 10.1126/science.1120693

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The laser-induced movement of CO molecules over a platinum surface was followed in real time by means of ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy. Because the CO molecules bound on different surface sites exhibit different C–O stretch vibrational frequencies, the site-to-site hopping, triggered by excitation with a laser pulse, can be determined from subpicosecond changes in the vibrational spectra. The unexpectedly fast motion—characterized by a 500-femtosecond time constant—reveals that a rotational motion of the CO molecules, rather than pure translation, is required for this diffusion process. This conclusion is corroborated by density functional theory calculations.

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