Observation of Feshbach Resonances in the F + H2 → HF + H Reaction

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Science  10 Mar 2006:
Vol. 311, Issue 5766, pp. 1440-1443
DOI: 10.1126/science.1123452

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Reaction resonances, or transiently stabilized transition-state structures, have proven highly challenging to capture experimentally. Here, we used the highly sensitive H atom Rydberg tagging time-of-flight method to conduct a crossed molecular beam scattering study of the F + H2 → HF + H reaction with full quantum-state resolution. Pronounced forward-scattered HF products in the v′ = 2 vibrational state were clearly observed at a collision energy of 0.52 kcal/mol; this was attributed to both the ground and the first excited Feshbach resonances trapped in the peculiar HF(v′ = 3)-H′ vibrationally adiabatic potential, with substantial enhancement by constructive interference between the two resonances.

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