Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Fusion-Entry Receptor: Cystine Transporter xCT

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Science  31 Mar 2006:
Vol. 311, Issue 5769, pp. 1921-1924
DOI: 10.1126/science.1120878

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Kaposi's sarcoma–associated herpesvirus (KSHV, human herpesvirus 8) is the causative agent of Kaposi's sarcoma and other lymphoproliferative syndromes often associated with HIV/AIDS. Functional complementary DNA selection for a receptor mediating KSHV cell fusion identified xCT, the 12-transmembrane light chain of the human cystine/glutamate exchange transporter system x c. Expression of recombinant xCT rendered otherwise not susceptible target cells permissive for both KSHV cell fusion and virion entry. Antibodies against xCT blocked KSHV fusion and entry with naturally permissive target cells. KSHV target cell permissiveness correlated closely with endogenous expression of xCT messenger RNA and protein in diverse human and nonhuman cell types.

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