More on the Highland Mangabey

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Science  02 Jun 2006:
Vol. 312, Issue 5778, pp. 1273h
DOI: 10.1126/science.312.5778.1273h

In 2005, a description of the highland mangabey Lophocebus kipunji from southwest Tanzania was published. At that stage, the species was known only from photographs. More recently, a specimen became available that enabled an assessment of a range of morphological and molecular parameters. Davenport et al. (p. 1378, published online 11 May) provide molecular and morphological evidence that kipunji is actually more closely related to Papio than it is to Lophocebus. Thus, they name and describe Rungwecebus, Africa's first new extant genus of primate in 83 years, and provide results from ecological studies carried out on this endangered monkey.

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