NETWATCH: At Home With Troglodytes

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Science  22 Dec 2006:
Vol. 314, Issue 5807, pp. 1845c
DOI: 10.1126/science.314.5807.1845c

The Atapuerca hills in northern Spain have been alive with the sound of picks and shovels, as archaeologists disinter the oldest hominid fossils in Europe and other important remains. Read about the history of the excavations at this site from the University of Burgos in Spain and the Atapuerca Foundation. The pages profile locales such as the Gran Dolina cavern, which has yielded 800,000-year-old skull fragments and other bones that may belong to a new human species, Homo antecessorr. For the latest dig news, check out the report on this year's finds, which include the first nearly complete human skull unearthed in the area in more than a decade. The site also features a timeline that lets you cruise through 6 million years of human evolution, pausing at milestones such as the invention of tools some 2.5 million years ago and the settlement of Europe about 1 million years ago.

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