Rejuvenating the Human Sense of Smell

Science  02 Mar 2007:
Vol. 315, Issue 5816, pp. 1189g
DOI: 10.1126/science.315.5816.1189g

Active neurogenesis from neural progenitors continues throughout life in discrete regions of the central nervous system of most mammals. However, human adult neurogenesis is still a contentious issue. Signs of adult neurogenesis have been reported in the hippocampus, but a second neurogenic niche described in rodents has not been found in recent human studies. Now, however, using multiple techniques, Curtis et al. (p. 1243, published online 15 February; see the cover) not only describe this missing rostral migratory stream in great detail but also show that it is organized around a tubular extension of the lateral ventricle that reaches into the olfactory bulb.

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