Science  02 Mar 2007:
Vol. 315, Issue 5816, pp. 1201c
DOI: 10.1126/science.315.5816.1201c

NOT OFFICIAL. George Taylor is the state climatologist of Oregon. Or is he?

Since 1991, Taylor has headed the Oregon Climate Service, which is based at Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis. In that capacity, he holds the title of “state climatologist.” But Taylor's opinion that humans are not the dominant cause of global warming has prompted a move by Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski to take away that title.

Kulongoski—who has made reduction of greenhouse gases a priority—is concerned that the public will mistake Taylor's contrarian view on global warming as that of the government. So last month, he asked OSU's president to change Taylor's title to put an end to the confusion. OSU hasn't decided how it will respond, but one option may be to transfer the title to the head of a new climate change center on campus. The state climatologists of Virginia and Delaware are in a similar fix.

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